Monday, November 15, 2004

The Cruelty of Empress Lu

Why are the Ancient Chinese so barbaric and cruel? They torture their own people!!! I loathe empress Lu, undeniably the most monstrous of them all. Reading about the torture that Empress Chi endures simply makes me absolutely sick:

"Empress Lu later cut off Lady Ch'i's hands and feet, plucked out her eyes, burned her ears, gave her a potion to drink which made her dumb, and had her thrown into the privy, calling her the 'human pig. After a few days, she sent for Emperor Hui and showed him the 'human pig.' Staring at her, he asked who the person was, and only then did he realize that it was Lady Ch'i. Thereupon he wept so bitterly that he grew ill and for over a year could not leave his bed."

Even Emperor Hui recognizes the sickening cruelty of this act: "He [Emperor Hui] sent a messenger to report to his mother, 'No human being could have done such a deed as this!'"

In all actuality, I have never read anything in my life that has made me feel so sick and so distrusting in the notion that humankind is inherently good-natured and kind. I keep running this passage over and over in my mind and envisoning how I would feel if this happened to my own mother, and what I would do to the crazy, twisted bitch (pardon my language) who just turned my beloved mother into a "human pig"! She is absolutely barbaric and horrible. I can't express in words how sick, enraged, violated, etc... I would feel. Although I am not one to seek revenge, in this instance my purpose in life would change-- I would make it my life's mission to inflict incredible misery upon Empress Lu. Merely killing her would not do justice to the punishment that Empress Lu deserves. I would think of a punishment that is even more cruel than the one given to my own mother, and then I would cause Lu to suffer for the rest of her pathetic existence. Let's just say I really love my mother, and would never let anything so horrible happen to her without making her tormentor pay exponentially for the pain inflicted upon her.


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