Sunday, November 21, 2004

My Strange Story- Not Supernatural, but Definitely Strange

My good friend Patrick ran into a little trouble with the law last year when he got caught drinking by the Lake Oswego Police Department. Unfortunately for him it was his second MIP (Minor in Possession), and thus he was directed to the Clackamas County probation office and given six month’s probation under the county MIP officer, Michael Luna. Every minor that has been busted twice for drinking (and received an MIP each time) has to see Mr. Luna.
I had met Mr. Luna once before—I was taking a driver’s education class this summer in order to get my license (I’m lazy, I know) and he was a guest speaker at one of my classes to report the consequences of drinking and driving. Mr. Luna seemed like a respectable man—he holds a steady job that he loves and frequently mentioned his adored wife and children. I really enjoyed Mr. Luna’s presentation and thought well of him in his attempts at keeping the youth of Clackamas County safe from binge drinking. That was, however, until Patrick Norris came through Mr. Luna’s office.
My friend Patrick is an alright guy—he’s about six feet two inches with a heavy build and shaggy platinum blonde Kurt-Cobainesque hair—not ridiculously attractive by conventional standards, but by no means bad-looking. Anyway, while serving his six months’ probation in attending classes, performing community service and waiting until the day he got his license back, Patrick was under the watchful eye of Mr. Michael Luna. Unfortunately for Patrick, Mr. Luna began to “take a liking” to my blonde friend. His affection for Pat wasn’t fully confirmed until the day Patrick was released from his six months’ probation service, when Michael gave him a $25 gift card to starbucks. On the backside of this gift card was a note that read: “Call me cutie, or I’ll be forced to open your case.” Patrick and I both agreed that the whole situation was mighty sketchy. Patrick never called him back, and fortunately Mr. Luna never reopened his case, for to this day it remains closed.


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